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Welcome To My Home Page I thought I'd open this sight.... well to have my own.... and to show off my vette pics. ENJOY!!
I've wanted a Corvette for as long as I can remember...... Actually since about 1967 when I went into a local Chevy dealer. As a paperboy... The sales guy asked me if I liked what I saw and also commented that I'd be delivering papers for a long time to pay for that Stingray I was drooling all over!!! He was right!! I hang out sometimes at the Pavilions centre in Scottsdale on Saturday nights,,When I'm not runn'n with my T's off. They have a great local car show there that's free to come see. The people watchin; is also a lot of fun. There are many cars to view from all models and model years and the people are very friendly! So C'mon to my sight.... see you there!
Site Updated 9/18/02
I took this pic the day after I picked up my car.I dusted it off and hadn't yet detailed it. The car had only 3,200 miles on it. It is as new as a 22 year old car can be right down to the polysteals.... and it photographs well too. What do ya think?
Welcome To My Home Page This sight was updated on 4/15/02. But ck in often and you may be able to see more of my C-3 and my special friends and whatever else that I'm up too!! :)

some of the pics are modifoed and some are virgin. All the shots were taken with a sony cybershot
please check out my photo page and contact me for anything @

black leather is flawless and completely stock. The engine compartment has all the original factory tags and is clean enough to serve breakfast on! Mirrored T's with every inch of this shark factory stock and unmolested..
1980 Vette at the time of this posting has 4,009 actual miles on it,,,, SEE YOU CAN GET ANYTHING YOU WANT IF YOU PAY ENOUGH FOR IT!!! Of course... you need to find it too. If you know of one with lower miles and in as good a shape, I'd love to know about it!